RIOT Glossary

Base Interest rate

Refers to stake a certain amount of RIOT, and the basic RIOT output ratio every day. It is fixed. i.e: stake 100 RIOT for a day with a base interest rate 8%, then you get 100+(100*8%)=108 RIOT after a day.

Holding Bonus

Extra output obtained by depositing a certain amount of RIOT and not withdraw for every 24 hours.

Referral Bonus/rewards

Find more here: Referral Mechanism


In the realm of cryptocurrency and DeFi, this refers to investors who deposit an asset to provide liquidity on an exchange and/or network(s) to gain an ROI on their investment. Investors deposit one or more of their digital assets into decentralized Liquidity Pools (LPs) to provide liquid capital to exchanges and smart contracts. Liquidity Providers often provide two or more types of assets, in which Impermanent Loss is sometimes seen.


Annual Percentage Yield, a time-based measurement of the Return On Investment (ROI) on an asset. For example, $100 invested at 2% APY would yield $102 after one year, if there is no compounding of any interest earned on that $100 through the year. Assuming a static APY rate, the Monthly ROI would be 0.16%, in this case


The act of staking a cryptocurrency deposit to yield farm additional cryptocurrency via CeFi or DeFi staking offerings, programs, or projects.

Smart Contract

A digital contract that is programmed in a language that is considered Turing complete, meaning that with enough processing power and time, a properly programmed Smart Contract should be able to use its code base and logical algorithms to perform almost any digital task or process. TRON's programming languages, such as Solidity, are Turing complete.


In a trade, there is almost always a spread between the price that a buyer will pay and the price that a seller will sell an asset at. When an order is made, this difference in price between buyer and seller expectations results in price slippage. This slippage in price is usually 1-3%, but can be even more for coins with limited liquidity. This slippage can lead to a final sale price of the asset that is either more or less than the requested transaction amount.


Governance refers to the control and use of a Governance coin, token, and/or project through various measures in order to grow the ecosystem or product, and to maximize gains for governance token holders.


A person who HODLs a large amount of cryptocurrency or cryptocurrencies.

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