Best Mining Strategy

There are 5 major mining pools currently:

  1. Pool A (Creating multi-chain products incentive)

  2. Pool B (Stablecoin minting incentive)

  3. Pool C (Creating synthetic assets incentive)

  4. Pool D (Credit incentive)

  5. Pool E (Liquidity incentive)

Design Ideas:

Any user that make subtle and quantifiable incremental contributions to RIOT PLUS, even 1 in 1million, will be captured by the algorithm. After the staking, RIOT PLUS immediately issues RIOT tokens and transfers RIOT tokens as incentives to relavant user accounts in real time. The Incentive ratio will be calculated automatically by the algorithm.

More importantly it is a kind of value that is not easily valued currently, as RIOT PLUS continuously grows and practices its mission to the world of finance.

When you receive 1 RIOT through trading/staking in RIOT before 2022, it's like when you receive 1 BTC through BTC mining before 2011. The only differences are: RIOT has a bigger mission, RIOT has broader application context and RIOT has stronger usability in lower cost.

Mining algorithm:

mining_reward =  
interest rate (dayn)=
base_interest rate+holidng_bonus*(n-1)

The Pool with Multiple rewards

Parameter assumptions:

  1. initital staking amount in PoolE 100 RIOT-TRX-LP (what is RIOT-TRX-LP token on Justswap?)

  2. base interest rate: 5%

  3. holding bonus: +1% every 24hrs without withdraw

  4. days: 10days without withdraw

Apply trading mining formula:

accumulate_interest_rate = 
mining_reward =

This means you get find the most profitable pool!

  • 5% for each day

  • +1% holding bonus

  • share trading fees on from Justswap (Pool E requires RIOT-TRX-LP Token on Justswap)

  • Premium on RIOT price

If there is an invitee, you would gain 5% of staked RIOT from your invitee! For more detials about referral rewards, please check below.

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