Pool D-9.25% interest rate daily

Design ideas:

Pool D aims to create credit incentive through RIOTCredit protocol

RIOTCredit allows users to borrow crypto assets through public credit pool using another assets as mortgage by paying an interest rate, or to lend crypto assets by earning an interest rate. Algorithm ensures the marketization of the interest rate.

Every user can supply liquidity to credit pool to fairly share the interest that borrowers pay. Credit will ensure the security of assets in the pool, clearing and settlement is in real time including insufficient mortgage.

Incentive Details:

  1. Deposits: RIOT token

  2. Min Deposit: 1 RIOT

  3. Base interest rate: 4%

  4. Holding Bonus: +0.75% every 24hrs without withdraw

  5. Incentive rate: 9.25%/Day on average

  6. Maximum profit: 136.75%

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