Pool E-10.5% interest rate daily

Design ideas:

Pool E aims to create liquidity incentive through RIOTSwap protocol

For liquidity providers, there are two considerations.

The first consideration: Safety

The swap core module of RIOT PLUS has withstood a transaction volume of $10 million within 3 hours at its first testing and has a good foundation for security. The security audit of the contract is done by SlowMist, PeckShield, and will be audited by more reputable audit institutions.

With the support of multi-party external audit, the swap core code is reviewed line by line and word by word. The swap core code will eventually become impeccably stable.

The second consideration: ROI

Through providing any possible crypto assets liquidity and funds to RIOT PLUS, liquidity providers, also known as market makers, first gain transaction fee as return, at the same time gain RIOT LP tokens through liquidity mining as the long-term return that will continuously increase with the growth of RIOT PLUS.

Incentive Details:

  1. Deposits: RIOT-TRX-LP token on Justswap (what is RIOT-TRX-LP token on Justswap?)

  2. Min Deposit: 1 RIOT-TRX-LP token

  3. Base interest rate: 5%

  4. Holding Bonus: +1% every 24hrs without withdraw

  5. Incentive rate: 10.5%/Day on average

  6. Maximum profit: 126%

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