Token and Distribution

RIOT Token

RIOT is the token of RIOT PLUS, which is the first fairly-distributed crypto assets built on TRON blockchain that founding team follow the exact same rules to gain RIOT tokens with any community member: Buying RIOT token through trading or mining RIOT through participating in RIOT PLUS.

RIOT tokens are mainly used for:

  1. Trading

  2. Governance voting

  3. Credit incentive

  4. Liquidity incentive

  5. Stablecoin minting incentive

  6. Creating synthetic assets incentive

  7. Creating multi-chain products incentive

  8. Referral rewards

Through the aggregation and innovation of more DeFi protocols in the future, RIOT tokens will continue to capture more further value. RIOT distribution are executed by smart contracts automatically, so that each RIOT holder can share the benefits of RIOT PLUS development fairly.

RIOT Token distribution

Rules of RIOT distribution:

  1. Maximum circulation: max_supply = 100 billion

  2. Liquidity pool injection on Justswap: liquidity_supply = 2 million

  3. Mining: mining_supply = 99,998,000,000

  4. Automatic adjustment algorithm:

MiningSupply=RIOTIRn1.15MiningSupply = RIOT*IR^n*1.15%

RIOT=Total staked amount of RIOT; S= Incentive ratio; n=Mining Duration 1.15= referral coefficient

There are 5 major mining pools currently:

>,5.43%, 60);
>,6.13%, 34);
>,8%, 21);
>,9.25%, 15);
>,10.5%, 12);

Assuming that all the liquidity on Justswap that is 2 million RIOTs are staked into PoolA, which is also the pool with the highest mining efficiency (highest incentive ratio) at present, it will take at least 60 days to mine all RIOTs, which is basically in real life It cannot happen.

Therefore, RIOT's output formula effectively guarantees the durability of the RIOT PLUS project, so that your income has long-term protection.

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