Referral Mechanism

Design ideas

An open protocol layer design will not only help the protocol be integrated by more third-party applications. It also provides potential partners, such as wallets, exchanges, third-party agents and high-frequencey traders etc.
Maintaining the simplest, most open, most transparent and purest decentralization on chain, is most likely to become the basic DeFi protocol for large-scale use on TRON public blockchain.
Potential inviters/invitee:
  1. 1.
    Wallets: There are users and traffic.
  2. 2.
    Exchanges: trading depth can be shared because the protocol is open
  3. 3.
    Third-party purchasing agent
  4. 4.
    DEX protocol aggregators
  5. 5.
    High-frequency quantitative traders and market makers.
  • In order to obtain the rewards of the invitation, the user needs to stake at least 1RIOT in a certain mining pool. Only when the invited user chooses the same mining pool as the inviter to stake, the inviter can obtain the referral rewards.
    • i.e: User A stake 10 RIOT in mining pool A (Pool A: 5.43%/Day), and invited User B to stake, only when B stake in the same pool that is Pool A, will User A obtain referral rewards. If User B stake in Pool B, then user A obtain nothing from B.
  • Users who enter via the referral link and log in to the wallet will be permanently bound to the TRON address, and get 5.5% of all staked amount of the invited user and 3.5% of the staked amount of the newly invited user.
    • i.e. if user A invited user B, and user B invited user C, user A would gain 5.5% of staked RIOT from user B and 3.5% staked RIOT from user C.
    • RIOT PLUS provides 2-tier referral rewards at most: 5.5%-3.5.
  • If you are optimistic about the future of DeFi, it is recommended that you need to stake in all mining pools at least 1 RIOT each and invite as many users as you can, to enjoy the most benefits of DeFi.