Pool B-6.13% interest rate daily

Design ideas:

Pool B aims to create Stablecoin minting incentive through RIOTUSD(rUSD) Protocol

rUSD is a stablecoin anchored to 1 USD, rUSD minters mortgage other crypto assets to mint rUSD through a 500% excess mortgage rate (Considering the fluctuation on both TRON and RIOT). Unlike DAI, RIOT PLUS has no forced liquidation when minters encounter unprecedented extreme price fluctuation, because the security of user mortgage assets is more important.

rUSD needs enough scale and more application context to become a highly efficient and mass adoption stablecoin. Therefore, rUSD minting mining is precisely to promote the development of rUSD. The rUSD coin mining algorithm is solid and similar to trading mining.

Incentive Details:

  1. Deposits: RIOT token

  2. Min Deposit: 1 RIOT

  3. Base interest rate: 2%

  4. Holding Bonus: +0.25% every 24hrs without withdraw

  5. Incentive rate: 6.13%/Day on average

  6. Maximum profit: 208.5%

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