RIOT.PLUS: an Open DeFi Network

RIOT.PLUS: An open finance network providing infrastructures for the next generation of DeFi.


Shall the finance of the people, by the people and for the people, perish from the earth? Our answer is no, more importantly, the finance of the people, by the people and for the people is the basis of the cause that mankind has been fighting for generations.

But for more than 1.5 centuries, worldwide inequality of our finance system has been plundering people's fortune and destroying people's equal rights to benefit from the finance system that people all around the world have been building up together.

Oct. 2020, the founding team of RIOT PLUS, a group of innovators, decide to tackle this problem and fundamentally change the inequality of our finance system.

In the new design, any transaction made in finance system is a measurable value and contribution to the growth of the system that should be fairly rewarded by the system.


RIOT PLUS’s mission is to create a new finance infrastructure that for the next generation of DeFi and for the people around the world.

Based on the blockchain and other emerging technologies, together, people all around the world can freely and equally own, build and share better assets, better exchanges, better banks, better finance system and better future, so that everyone in the world can enjoy the worldwide equality of DeFi.

RIOT PLUS is a on-chain network that aggregates valuable decentralized finance protocols, allows users to do free financial transaction, investment and asset allocation safely and conveniently while users, as RIOT PLUS token holders, benefit from the value growth of whole RIOT PLUS system.

RIOT PLUS is built on TRON Blockchain, we believe the stability, high scalability and low transaction fee of TRON will definitely help us to deliver the best possible user-centric financial service and user experience.

Features and Protocols Overview

Stablecoin issuing protocol: RIOTUSD protocol

RIOTUSD protocol allows users to mortgage crypto assets through smart contracts to issue universal settlement stablecoin rUSD which exists entirely on the blockchain.

Compared with DAI's lending paradigm, it's called saving paradigm. It is designed to make the collateral 100% safe and at the same time users enjoy the benefit of staking income from the relevant public blockchains.

Liquidity protocol: RIOTSwap

RIOTSwap allows users freely create trading pairs between any two TRC20 form crypto assets and inject any liquidity fund to form an high efficiency trading and exchanging market.

According to the proportion of the injected liquidity fund, users can fairly share the transaction fees (currently 0.4%) generated by the trading pairs.

Credit protocol: RIOTCredit

RIOTCredit allows users to borrow crypto assets through public credit pool using another assets as mortgage by paying an interest rate, or to lend crypto assets by earning an interest rate. Algorithm ensures the marketization of the interest rate.

Every user can supply liquidity to credit pool to fairly share the interest that borrowers pay. Credit will ensure the security of assets in the pool, clearing and settlement is in real time including insufficient mortgage.

Synthetic Asset protocol: RIOTSynthesis

By staking RIOT tokens or other supported crypto assets, Synthesis allows users to synthesize, hold and trade a variety of high-quality off-chain assets such as stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate etc, without having to hold actual assets themselves or entrust any custodians.

RIOTSynthetic assets trading does not require a counter-party, the synthetic asset you sell will be converted directly into a short version of the synthetic asset you want to buy which makes the trading has almost unlimited liquidity. Price feeds supplied by oracle.

Multi-chain protocol: RIOTBridge

The RIOTBridge Protocol was developed by RIOT PLUS with the larger picture in mind, allowing scalability and versatility within the trustless structure of on-chain smart contract solutions. RIOTBridge adds value to each blockchain by providing smart contract based building blocks (often referred to as digital money legos) to allow developers and service providers to use the RIOTBridge Protocol to create their own unique DeFi based products and services.

RIOTBridge provides a bridge to connect the existing economy of Ethereum-based and TRON-based DeFi products to growing DeFi markets. RIOT utilizes the tested RIOTBridge to connect any Ethereum or EVM/NVM-based DeFi products to TRON blockchain.

RIOT PLUS Mining Pools: Mining

Mining allows users to mine and gain RIOT tokens fairly through making any possible transactions by using any protocols in RIOT PLUS as the builders and beneficiaries of the whole RIOT PLUS. (RIOT is the token of RIOT PLUS. Please see the details here)

Mining sees every micro transaction made and every use of RIOT PLUS protocols in RIOT PLUS as a value creation and contribution to the whole RIOT PLUS.

It is a fully on-chain, transparent and decentralized off-chain RIOT mining created by all participants and miners together.

Please see the details below at here.

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